Cartibeads treatment of articular cartilage lesions

Treatment of articular cartilage lesions with Cartibeads ™


Characterisation of Cartibeads™

The first successul engineered true hyaline cartilage transplantable autografts with high-quality hyaline characteristics (high level of GAG and collagen II expression)

Engineered  from  patient’s own cells from a very small biopsy of cartilage :
    - No risk of secondary cartilage lesions
    - No risk after cell culture of permanently losing the initial function of cells.
    - Our proprietary method allows the chondrocytes to regain their function

Manufactured in a standardized and highly reproducible method :
    - quality and quantity of beads production stable in culture cell (cell passages up to 8 can be used)
    - independent of donor age (tested with human cartilage up to 80 years old)
    - provide for the first time the possibility to treat efficiently patients over age 55
    - independent of the quality  of native cartilage sample (working from collected cartilage from patients with severe     osteoarthritis)
    - Possibility of automation/robotization of the manufacture process: standardized media for all patients

Self-integrative properties  (only in the natural environment) with a simple minimal surgical procedure :
    - without the need of articulation immobilization or the support of animal external scaffold (as it produces its own matrix).
    - beads just need to be placed on the defect area. They quickly fill it on their own.  
    - perfect integration to the native cartilage environment and to subchondral bone within 3 months with complete regeneration of the cartilage defect (preclinical data, article  in submission).
    - possibility to treat very large defects (>2.5 cm2).
    - long term hyaline characteristic maintenance, without fibrocartilage development

Preclinical data demonstrated the safety and 100% efficacy in treating focal knee lesions at 6 months in minipig model

We are ready for first -in-man clinical studies study planned in 2021.

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